I'd like to announce a project that me and a friend of mine are working on. 
We're two students at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden who are 
writing a bachelor's essay. We're comparing VIFF with a central server model. 
Our goal is to do an evaluation from a practical perspective.

We're writing two simple applications that we intend to analyze w.r.t. some 
different aspects such as performance (bandwidth/latency) but also developer 
effort (based on number of lines of code).

We don't have any code to show yet, but the deadline for a proof read final 
version of our work is next monday (May 3rd), so you can expect this to change 
quickly during the week ;)

Below is a public-access repository for the essay and the code. The essay is in 
Swedish, so some (most?) of you will need to use a translation service. But all 
code will be in English (we will place it in a "code" directory or something 


Samuel Lidén Borell & Joel Pettersson

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