For my master thesis at UCLouvain (www.uclouvain.be), I wrote a VIFF 
application for mental poker.
Both files are in the .zip that can be found at 
Usage is : python mental_poker.py [player_config_file] [number_of_players] 

This simulates the shuffling and the dealing of the cards to the players. Both 
Active and Passive runtimes can obviously be used. To get an idea of the 
performances, for a 10 players games with threshold 3 and Active Runtime, it 
takes less than 20 seconds on a single core of an Intel Q6600 (2.4ghz) (one 
computer per player). Each player has to send 250 KB of data (headers included).

I will soon post my thesis, I first need to write some extra's in it.

I hope maybe this could be a nice demo to illustrate the power of VIFF.

I would also like to thank everyone here for their help, and wish good luck in 
the future development of VIFF.

Best regards,

Jonathan Van den Schrieck
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