My name is Kyung Hwang, a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University.

I set up and tried to test VIFF's millionaires example. It works great
when I ran it on a single linux machine. However, it does not work on
three different machines.

I am quite sure that all the three machines were correctly configured
and they were actually connected to one another when I ran
millionaires.py because they waited for all the three machines to
start VIFF, and after they were all connected, each of them resumed
its process and printed out its input information, for example, as
follows (for player-1): "I am Millionaire 1 and I am worth 19

However, that is it and it does not proceed any further, and it does
not show the computation results which are supposed to be as follows:

>From poorest to richest:
  Millionaire 1 (19 millions)
  Millionaire 3
  Millionaire 2
Synchronizing shutdown... done.
Closing connections... done.
Stopping reactor... done.

It looked to me that each of those three players was trying to do the
computation (or comparison) and somehow it kept waiting for the other
players' shares or responses..

I looked at the bug report board, but I could not find related reports.

Please take a look at this issue. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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