> There is also an Orlandi runtime and a BeDOZa runtime (under
> development). They work for 2 parties and guarantee security against
> active adversaries (paillier.py is only for passive security).
> Claudio

The current implementation of the Orlandi runtime found in orlandi.py
unfortunately depends on a 3rd party party package for elliptic curve
cryptography that is not open source. So unless you have a special
agreement with the owners of that package
(http://www.cryptomathic.com) or can find something similar, you won't
be able to use it.

The BeDOZa runtime is completely open-source, but as Claudio mentions,
it is not fully implemented yet.

So for now, the only 2-party runtime is the passively secure paillier
runtime in paillier.py.

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