> I didn't know that this list is moderated. While in the past there were quite
> some flamewars on other lists between MO and others (it takes at least two,
> BTW), we all are capable of setting up appropriate filters in our software. I
> have been filtering out some people who contribute nothing than hot air and
> silly offtopics (which MO does neither, IMO),
It is true, MO _could have been_ a great contributor, but the problem is
that he doesn't like to see contradictions from anybody, and some of his
opinions are not exactly watertight (he has some pet ideas like "vihuela
never existed" and "boccherini didn't write his quintets"). Neither are his
"morals", and it was a matter of time before he'd use these to sour the
I used to actually like him, and defended him quite a few times until he
turned on me, out of the blue, some years ago, eventually using some Russian
pejoratives of a strength unknown in English.

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