Oh dear. How sad. Are we so incapable of conversing in a civil manner? What
a pathetic bunch we are. I created this unmoderated list so that we could
all come together and contribute in various degrees to our greater
understanding. Obviously I was being too idealistic, and human nature is far
more negative than I was willing to give it credit for. 

Why don't we all leave this list? Seriously, I really can do without this
nonsense. I'm thinking of folding it completely. I don't want to be
responsible for creating more space in the cyberworld where we can flex our
egotsistic muscles. 

So, fellow subscribers, do you want this list or not? Speak up...

Rob MacKillop

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Dear all,

I donīt know how such a situation may have arised, but one fact is perfectly
clear to me: in a list devoted to communicate and share, either all of us -
even those we disagree with - have a place, or there is no point in pursuing
what may become a futile exercice.

I have often read Matanya's comments, have been irritated with some,
disagreed with others, but I must recognize that he is indeeed knowledgable
and has always contributed positively with his knowledge to the list.

I feel that a place where such a person cannot find the space to interchange
information, opinions or even -on occasion- insults, for whatever reason, is
not a place for me either, so regretfully, I shall leave this list as well.

With best regards,

 --- Rob MacKillop <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> Matanya has now left the list. 
> It is not a question of who is right or who is wrong. It is a matter 
> of sharing. That concept is clearly lost on some people.
> Sad.
> Rob
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