Fantasia 7 from Book 4 by Fuenllana - MP3 with French tab and basic
transcription for guitarists:

This one has a hymn-like opening. Almost tempted to add words. 

I am now half-way through my journey of exploration into Book 4, and I have
to say I am surprised that this music isn't better known. None of it is very
easy, which is a good reason, I suppose, but it deserves trying. The first
three fantasias of Book 4 were marked by Fuenllana as being difficult, and
they are, but six of the thirteen fantasias in Book 4 are marked as being
'facile', easy. Worth a look on lute or vihuela. It is not music to bring
the house down at concerts, but for private study and performance to select
friends, ideal.

Rob MacKillop

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