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> della robbia was a local boy.  quite a few churches in
> the area have examples of his work and it still amazes
> me to be driving along, not exactly a back road, but
> not a major one either and see something of his like a
> terracotta shrine to the madonna just sitting there,
> perched by the side of the road.

I envy you, such an environment. I'd also be hunting down every little out
of the way church or chapel coast to coast looking for iconographical
treasures ;') Where exactly are you?

> i realise, like
> every other major artist of the day, he had a studio
> "fabrica" going with who knows how many assistants but
> they - he - made really beautiful things.
> i wasn't looking for them and i can't remember seeing
> any but if i spot one of his panels with an instrument
> i'll let you know.

alrighty, thanks. Ya never know.


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