> I don't think you can say that. Montesardo and Sanseverino are clear
enough, the charts by Foscarini, Pesori and Valdambrini are at least clear
about unisons and octaves. Foscarini and Pesori only do not mention the high
octave strings of the 4th and 5th courses. So we do not know if they were

No - indeed we don't! Something fishy there!  What we don't know either is
whether they thought a particular method of stringing was necessary for
their music or whether they were simply providing useful information  to
help players check whether their instrument was in tune whichever method of
stringing they chose to use.  A lot of the music in Foscarini's books is in
alfabeto and his pieces in mixed style are not significantly different from
Valdambrini's.  Pesori is a mess anyway -  but in case you missed an earlier
message I posted he does actually say that open courses are to be included
in strummed courses (bless him - at least he did one good deed in his life).

On p.3 of Galeria musicale he says...

Si doverà avertire in questa Intavolatura di battere con sonuita tutte le
corde benche non fosso occupate che uno o due da numeri, ma picigar poi solo
senza battere, quei numeri et quelle corde ove non saranno sotto le battute,
e li bacio le mani.

It must be noted that in this tablature all the strings are strummed with
sonority although only  one or two may be given numbers;  but where there
are no strum strokes below you must pluck only those numbers and that string
without strumming.

And I kiss your hands.

And so do I


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