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The bit about the Italian manuscript F:Pn.Res.Vmc ms. 59, fol. 108v is at
the end of the section on Italy although it doesn't appear in the list on
the Front Page.

What does the pen drawing of a guitar look like on the fol. 2v of this MS (you've got a photocopy of it)? I'm particularly interested in the number of pegs if they are at all shown and / or distinguishable.

The Res. Vmf.35 has a lovely pen drawing of a vaulted-back guitar with 9 pegs, so I'm just curious ...

Also, did you have a chance to see Millioni's 1636 edition (Res. Vmf. 44) which is supposed to contain alfabeto for a 4-string / course Italian chitarrino (ghitarra italiana)? Just wondering if it's got any indications for its stringing.


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