in watching the videos i mentioned earlier, i find
that for me - sans pick - if i expose the full face of
the fingernail (index or middle) to the string (as if
i were "buffing" it with the strings) i get a not
half-bad sound.  the "half flesh/half nail" is
probably louder but i get a faster "trill" with the
full face of the nail.

my ... isn't this "nitty-gritty" ... 

putting the "charango as vihuela" polemic (diatribe)
aside for the moment (please) ... the technique
involved in playing either/or (imho) seems useful to

--- Stuart Walsh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> (!! OK I got a bit confused!)
> Is the vihuela the only instrument that uses this
> technique?  I don't 
> think there is anything like it in 4 or 5 course
> guitar, or any kind of 
> lute, technique. There couldn't be anything in the
> construction of the 
> instrument that makes this a more likely
> possibility, could there? And 
> hats off to Ralph Maier for actually mastering it.
> Speaking only as an amateur: the whole business is
> trying to get the 
> flesh of the fingers to sound the strings. But the
> downward stroke of 
> dedillo seems like a crude bash with the nails. How
> do you square the 
> considered upward pluck of the finger flesh  with -
> what could easily 
> be- a rather percussive chunk of the nail on the
> downward stroke?
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