At 12:36 PM 1/11/2008, bill kilpatrick wrote:
>i would guess that my 1/4 size guitar(lele) can't be too far removed in 
>size from your baroque guitars and vihuelas.  i don't know how much you 
>have to pay for strings but i just put on a set of relatively inexpensive, 
>la bella 1/2 guitar strings and the sound improved enormously.  i wasn't 
>aware they made strings for a 1/4 size guitar as well but these are 
>fabulous - way better than the lightest gage 4/4 strings i was using before.

Common baroque guitar scale length is pretty substantial.  French guitars 
are often in the 68 cm or so range.  The "Hill" Strad in the Ashmolean 
clocks a whopping 74 cm!  A couple of the alleged vihuelas are also pretty 
long, cm counts into the lower 70s (the "Quito") and even approaching 80 cm 
(considering the "Jacquemart-Andree" vihuela).  I believe the Chambure is a 
bit shorter, perhaps around the mid 60s, but that's still about as long as 
modern guitar's full scale length.


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