Any iGoogle users here?
   First, for those who are unaware of iGoogle - go to
   [1] and create your own Google page. It has all the
   search facilities of the usual Google, plus you can have lots of little
   windows of things you want to see - news feeds, weather, even virtual
   pets - there are hundreds to choose from.
   My wife wanted a window on her iGoogle page which showed my videos
   (yes, she is crazy), and I have figured out a way to do it. If you have
   an iGoogle page, I send you an email with a link. You click on it, and,
   hey presto, my videos appear on your iGoogle page. That's it. You can
   easily get rid of video box by clicking delete. It is all free, no
   money or passwords or anything. But I do need your email address - I
   will not give it to anyone else or send you anything other than this
   one link.
   I make no assumption that any of you would want my videos on your
   iGoogle page, but you never know. My wife is not the only crazy person
   in the world...but this is an experiment. So far it worked easily for
   me and her. I would be interested to know if there are any problems.
   Rob MacKillop --



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