I said 'ordinary 5 course' guitar (see below) in affirmation of another
   communication from David Van O on the subject of guitar volume

   As far as I'm aware, like you, I believe the theorboed guitar was only
   ever plucked and probably mostly used for just exotic solo music. Low
   tension plain gut at the higher octave balance very well with
   fingerboard plucked strings (more so than heavy thud low octave basses)
   and with the general tessitura of the instrument.

   As said before, since the evidence is not absolutely clear, nothing is
   certain  but I do think the greatest danger is assuming the Old Ones
   were seeking for  a 'complete' instrument - a sort of continuo theorbo-
   guitar manque which would give a full range of bass notes to allow BC.
   Surely the theorbo proper is better for this with the guitar providing
   its own idiomatic (ie mostly strummed) continuo acc.


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   Are we discussing battuto or pizzicato? The GTh was probably mainly
   used for
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   >   I agree that the ordinary 5 course 'baroque' guitar can be loud.
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