Thank you Stuart - it's very convenient to have them side by side and they are the right size.

I tend to avoid scordatura pieces. I hate re-tuning my guitar and I find that it takes all morning for it to settle into the new interval pattern. I don't know why that should be. I have played through Fosco's pieces in the past but not Granata - I have never got to grips with his books. They are so badly printed.

On the subject of Foscarini - someone has offered to help with the tablature transcription of some of the pieces. He is doing some pieces in Book 3 and when he has done them I will key them in and add them to the great project.

Even if you photocopy the pieces and suggests some note values and bar lines it would be helpful. I haven't attempted the scordatura pieces as this would involve re-setting the tablature programme as well as re-tuning the guitar.



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Stuart Walsh wrote:

That is fascinating!   I haven't had time to look at the pieces closely
but it doesn't surprise me.  Most of the introduction to Granata's 1646
book has also been copied from Foscarini.   And he accused Corbetta of
plagiarism! But the pieces may not be by Foscarini either!

Here are the two corrente (Fosco and Granata)

(I hope I haven't made them too small). They are not the same - but very
similar - especially when you play them.

and here is the Foscarini 'sarabande' with the Granata 'pasacagli'



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I suppose this is well known, but it's news to me:

A French chap on the EG&V ning site put up a scan of Granata (1659) a
few days ago.  It's got some re-entrant tunings at the end of the book
and it has got the re-entrant tuning that Foscarini used, 'la cordatura
diferente' (Fosco p.99). And it's got a couple of the same tunes too!

This particular tuning in Granata (B-D-G-B-D) begins on page 88. The
'corrente' on page 90 in Granata is the very similar to the Foscarini
'corrente' (admittedly with some differences) and the very sultry
sarabande in Foscarini, is here in Granata (p.92) a 'pasacgli'.
Granata's 'pasacgli' is different in some ways but it's such a
characterful piece that it is unmistakably the same material (including
a particularly juicy chord) as Foscarini's 'sarabande'.


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