Perhaps someone can explain to
me why when one includes web addresses they come up like this with a [1] in
front so that you can't just click on them.



site addresses often get cut in mails. The [1] is just a reference number which adds the respective url address at the end of the sent mail.

What you have to do in those cases is to cut and paste the address to be able to access it. Copy everything between http:// and the final letters htm or html or zip or pdf etc. and paste it into the address window of your browser. The final letters give the information of the link being to a site (htm html etc), a pdf file, a zip file or else. If the link is to a specific format like pdf (acrobat file), jpg (picture), zip (compressed format), etc. you can download the specific file directly to your computer by right clicking on the link and saving it to a folder on your PC or Mac.

Many posters are also not aware that they should always set their mail programs to send in txt mode only. When they are set to send in html mode, you get all those garbled extra signs and letters in mails, sometimes making them unreadable. This is done in Tools-> Alternatives -> Send.

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