Dear Early Guitar list,
I would like to announce our upcoming James Tyler Retrospective in the
next issue of
the Lute Society of America Quarterly. This is a call for contributions
all who would like to send reminiscences, pictures, and music.
Many of you, like myself, are deeply grateful for the enrichment Jim gave
us through
his life works in performance and scholarship, whether we¹ve known him
personally, only corresponded with him,
or only known him through his works. I welcome material from everyone:
friends, colleagues, and admirers.
Due to limited space we might not have room for all contributions, but I
hope that all
who have any desire to express themselves about their memories of Jim will
contact me at with your
We are accepting submissions through the first week of January 2011.
With all best wishes,

Jocelyn Nelson, DMA
Teaching Assistant Professor
Early Guitar, Music History
336 Fletcher Music Center
School of Music
East Carolina University
252.328.1255 office
252.328.6258 fax


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