Like I said, limited experience and limited repertoire.  No, I don't.
   i doubt I would try de Visee without the so-called French tuning.  I
   simply take issue with characterizing the playing without bordones as
   an inherent sacrifice.  It is not.  It is simply different.
   Look, using an instrument to play music is limiting by definition.  So
   is applying any form whatsoever to the music.  It's the limits that
   transform sound into music.  Bordones impose their limits, and fully
   re-entrant tuning imposes limts as well.  Assuming one limit or another
   is not a sacrifice, it's a different perspective.  That's all.

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   Chris, do you also play Bartolotti, Guerau or de Visee without
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   >  Well, I can only say, from my own experience and study (such as it
   >  that it is not a "sacrifice" to play without bordones.  It's
   >  but no less rich, and certainly no sacrifice...  in *my* experience.
   >  In fact, it has opened up musical possibilities, as well as
   >  possibilities I haven't enjoyed before, and that were only hinted at
   >  my experience with the ukulele.  This is the experience of somebody
   >  has played the guitar and other plucked instruments in a variety of
   >  styles over a period of decades -- but not the experience of a
   >  scholar.  Nonetheless, I can't emphasize enough that is it no
   >  to play without bordones, any more than it's a sacrifice to play on
   >  rather than 11 or 13 courses...  in my experience.  My addmittedly
   >  limited experience with an admittedly limited exposure to the
   >  repertoire.
   >  DISCLAIMER:  I'm not taking sides here.  I'm just relating my
   >  experience.
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