Hi Stuart,

   I see. Thanks for posting the title pages; that's very informative and
   fascinating, too.


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   Hi Stuart,

   I enjoyed this (what I could; my internet's a little slow tonight);

   for posting.

   Grove online has Rush as a "guitarist" and listed in the works section

   several works for "gui" which I take to mean as an abbreviation for

   guitar. Also "Elegant Extracts for Guitar." Ronald R. Kidd wrote the


   Did they mistake the guittar for the guitar? (Pretty understandable, I

   would say). Perhaps Rush himself spelled it as "guitar"?

   Ages ago I put up some title pages of 'English guitar' publications:


     Rush used the spelling 'guittar' but others used 'guitar'.  'Cetra',

   'citra', 'chitarra' (and others too , were also used).

   Today, people often use the spelling 'guittar' to refer to the

   pear-shaped, wire-strung, chordally-tuned 18th century cittern. It's

   useful today , but doesn't in any way represent general practice in the

   18th century.


   I hadn't known of Rush before this. And thanks also for acquainting me

   with this meaning of "folly." :  )

   It's a beautiful scene.





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