Hi Martyn,

  Yes the intro certainly has a good alfabeto  list with variants - I'm
  not sure how much these are Marini's or those of a jobbing guitarist's
  brought in to add the alfabeto.

Here is what Alex Dean observes, on p 127 of his diss:

'This influence operates not only at the editorial level, in the choice of alfabeto symbols, but also at the compositional level, in that these songs tend to be composed in a style that is amenable to strummed guitar accompaniment. It follows, therefore, that the adoption and adaptation of alfabeto symbols in Italian canzonettas reflects an ongoing, mutual influence between an orally transmitted performance practice and the composition and performance of strophic chamber song with continuo notation.'

He further suggests that with a number of composers, including Marini, the alfabeto harmony would be an integral element of the composition.


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