Yes - that seems very likely.   Singers/players would be listed in
   payrolls under just one heading.   Multi tasking.   Out of 16 people
   listed 13 are singers.

   Having looked more closely at the guitar part - it doesn't look very
   suitable for guitar - it goes down to E below the bass stave in places
   although these could be played an octave higher.   The guitar part
   seems to be also for the spinetta - either/or perhaps.

   Has anyone tried to fit the parts together?   Can anyone think of any
   reason why the guitar part and the keyboard part should be a tone
   higher than the others?



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   If we are looking for possible guitarists to take that second
   hand-plucked part, Reggio comes to mind, though listed in the court
   payroll as a bass (singer) [See STMF 1961, p. 308]

   Kenneth Sparr had this comment:

   "During the period 1652-1654 Queen Christine of Sweden had a company of
   Italian musicians and actors employed. Among these musicians you find
   the theorbist and guitarist Angiol Michele Bartolotti as well as the
   singer, lutenist and guitarist Pietro Francesco Reggio. "


   -- R

   On May 9, 2011, at 10:23 AM, Monica Hall wrote:

   Thanks for sharing the info with us.   Your delving into this

   collection is enormously useful.

   It does look as if the guitar is supposed to be playing along with

   everyone else.  But  the list of artists in Albrici's ensemble paid in

   includes Bartolotti as the only theorbo player,  one violinist/violist
   and one keyboard player.   All of the rest of the artists seem to be
   singers. Perhaps they also played various instruments.


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   While browsing the online Duben collection I stumbled upon a Sinfonia

   by Albrici with a part listed for Chitarra.

   It brought to mind Lex's inquiries about specific mention/uses of the

   guitar as a continuo instrument.

   Sinfonia a 6./Primo Tono./di/Sig:r Vincenzo Albrici./1654.

   You can have a look here:

   [8] 66

   On part 08 click on "Browse Part". It's standard bass clef notation

   with figures.

   -- R


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