I absolutely agree with you, Rob.

Thank you Monica for all your great work and generosity!

Thank you Rob for assisting her!

Best woshes


Monica Hall4/5/12 6:53 ammjlh...@tiscali.co.uk

>    Thank-you Rob.   I expect everyone is on their Easter Holidays.
>    Monica
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>      No responses to this? I think Monica deserves all our praise for the
>      incredible amount of work she has put in, and for which we have free
>      access to. Thank You, Monica!
>    Rob
>    On 3 April 2012 21:26, Monica Hall <[4]mjlh...@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
>      I am pleased to announce that thanks to Rob's good offices my
>      webpage has been re-done and improved.   It is now at
>      [5]http://monicahall.co.uk/  although the [6]www.monicahall.co.uk
>      version still works.
>      In particular I have completely revised and updated my paper on
>      baroque guitar stringing.  Originally this was published by the Lute
>      Society as a booklet in their series of booklets on various lute
>      related topics.  When Rob offered me some space on his own web page
>      I did a much abridged version of it with just the texts from the
>      original sources with brief comments.
>      However the booklet is something that people have to order and pay
>      for and I get the impression that nobody bothers to do that.  They
>      just refer to the online version.
>      So the new version is much longer and more detailed.   It includes a
>      lot more illustrations from the original sources and the tuning
>      examples are in staff notation rather than Helmholz notation.   It
>      also includes the tables and list of sources from the booklet
>      (updated).   I have also been able to add a few more sources which I
>      have got hold of in the meantime.
>      It is now I think the most detailed survey of information about this
>      topic.
>      Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  In theory I can make
>      changes myself although I haven't risked doing that yet.
>      Best wishes for Easter, the Spring Festival or whatever you may be
>      minded to celebrate at the present time.   It isn't actually snowing
>      here but sleet is threatened.
>      Monica
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>      [7]http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html
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