Bream's recording actually did use a 5-course guitar (I can check the exact 
phrasing in the liner notes when home from the office), but he certainly 
favored a modern functionality when dabbling in "early" instruments.


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That's helpful.  I have just realized that Harvey Hope recorded 4 pieces by 
Murcia in 1979to .   He and James Tyler play "baroque instruments" but 
Segovia and Bream presumably clasical guitar.  I am sure there must be more.


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>I used to be on the guitar summit list, but I haven't looked in on their 
>activity for years.  I'm not certain where to find them any longer . . . 
>or, as you've alluded, if they even still exist.
> Regarding pre-1987 recordings of de Murcia's music, I am aware of:
> - Andres Segovia on modern guitar (Prelude and Allegro: 1977);
> - James Tyler on 5-course guitar (Preludio, Gabota, and La Burlesca: 
> 1978); and
> - Julian Bream on 5-course guitar (Prelude and Allegro: 1985).
> I would expect there are more, but these are the ones I have immediately 
> on hand in the day-job office.
> Some modern-guitar characters with related interests and whom you might 
> want to try contacting directly (several of whom were active on the summit 
> list): Matanya Ophee, Stanley Yates, Carlos Perez (and his teacher, 
> Ernesto Quezada), and maybe Oleg Timofeyev.
> Luck,
> Eugene
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> I have Lorimer's facsimile.   What I am really trying to find out is 
> whether
> there were any recordings of Murcia's music made before 1987 and also 
> whether any arrangements of it for classical guitar were published before
> that date.   The date 1987 is crucial because that is when Lorimer's
> facsimile of the Saldivar ms. was published and Murcia suddenly became
> flavour of the month big time.    Several people including myself did
> dissertations on him in the late 70s-early 80s and Robert Strizich refers 
> to him in his article on ornamentation in the LSA journal of 1974.
> Incidentally I wondered whether anyone on the list is on the Guitar-Summit
> list.   I sent my message to them because it is more orientated towards 
> the
> classical guitar and I thought there might be someone who could answer 
> this query which is more about classical guitar versions than baroque 
> guitar.
> But my message didn't seem to appear on that list and I haven't had any 
> response.  Perhaps it is now defunct.
> Regards to all
> Monica
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> Hello Monica,
> Your mention of the pre-1987 cut off date for de Murcia references leads 
> me to believe that you must already have access to Michael Lorimer's book 
> and its bibliography.
> If not, I have a copy, if you need anything from it.
> Thank you for the research!  I have always been a fan of De Murcia.
> Azalais
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