I have to suspect this is the pair of pieces popularly promoted by Segovia and 
Bream.  Ohio State University's library is pretty well stocked regarding 
Pujol's publications of the vihuela literature, but we do not have a that 
edition.  There is a copy of de Murcia's "Prélude pour guitare; Allegro pour 
guitar" in Pujol's (1955) "Bibliothèque de musique ancienne et moderne pour 
guitar: Auteurs anciens, no. 1025.," Éditions M. Eschig, OCLC 9475346 held by 
the University of Akron in northeast Ohio.  I could request the document via 
interlibrary loan, although such requests can take several days to a couple 
weeks to materialize.  However, Steven Aron 
 or http://www.stephenaron.net/) directs the guitar program at Akron and may be 
amenable to pulling that copy off his library's shelves much sooner than I 
could access it.  Let me know if this copy becomes useful and if I can facili!
 tate in any way.


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Returning to my original query I wonder whether anyone on the list actually has 
a copy of this

Prélude pour guitare ; Allegro pour guitare ; edited by Emilio Pujol. Paris
: Max Eschig, 1955.  [Autors Anciens no. 1026].

I just want to be sure that it is the same pieces that Bream and Segovia are 
playing.   There doesn't seem to be a copy in the UK.

All I need is to see enough of it to identify it.

Regards and thanks


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