well here is "my way", not the only possible, naturally. ;-

on the first line in the second bar - are the figures over the second D 5-6?

Yes. And I'd play 5-b6.  (and also the last chord if 1st bar G-minor.

on the first line  in the third bar the second 7-6  - should the  6 be
sharp - it could be but I think it sounds better natural.

I'd play 7-#6. And the bass here is b natural, not flat as in the 1st bar. And the first 7-6 I'd play b7-6.

On the next line at the cadence in the third bar there is no indication the leading note
should be sharpened. I suppose it doesn't have to be...

My strong opinion is that in cadences 4-3 the 3 always is #3 in this period. So I think it has to be sharpened.

How reliable is the figuring in these sources (when they put it in at all?

I think one problem is that they sometimes did not write the figures that "everybody knows".

Perhaps this was interesting? And this certainly is not the "only truth"!


PS I did not check the alfabeto chords. Sometimes they contradict the continuo line markings ...

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