One gets a strong impression from the figure on p. 27 of the PDF file that
it is for 6 strings/courses with the tuning of the modern guitar.  This
figure lists the notes of the scale in octaves, with EADGBE in open
noteheads, while all the rest have filled noteheads.


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Interesting indeed.    It must be for a 6 course instrument as the music 
goes down to E in places.

The 5-course guitar was still alive and well in1750s.  Corrette's tutor was
printed in 1762.


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> The National Library of Spain has (online and downloadable) an MS,
> described as a Metodo para guitarra [1750], but in more detail, second
> half of the 18th century.
> (to download it, click on icon in left hand panel when the pdf opens)
> Perhaps this is very well known already? Anyway, 1750 seems very
> unlikely... 1790s, perhaps?
> It starts with many pages in hand writing (in Spanish, of course and I
> don't know Spanish), then pages of music theory, scales etc and then
> pieces of music from pdf page 49. Perhaps the music is for a six-course,
> rather than a six-string, instrument.
> Strangely, for a tutor, no indications of fingering are given. There are
> lots of short, attractive pieces, often in the keys of A and D but there
> are a few longer pieces.
> Stuart
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