Especially the biography is very interesting!

You may consider correcting one point: in the 1916 Worp edition of Huygens
letter of letter of May 7, 1660, the title was mistakenly transcribed as
The original letter is in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag. It
clearly reads sig.or.

Regards, Lex

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Monica Hall
Verzonden: zaterdag 4 juli 2015 12:30
Aan: Vihuelalist
Onderwerp: [VIHUELA] My Web Site

   For those of you who are interested...
   My web site - [1] now has on it an
   extended study
   of Corbetta - the "best of all" in the words of Sanz and in my
   The highlights of this are
   1.  An extended biography - I have collected together all the
   currently known about his life and added a few snippets which I myself
   have discovered in the process and tried to set it out in coherant
   chronological order.
   2. A parellel translation of the Italian and French prefaces from "La
   guitarre royale" (1671) with his tablature example set out in a way
   should make it possible to compare the two.
   It also includes translations of the instructions to the player from
   four other books with examples and commentary.
   You will find it by clicking on the heading Corbetta on the home page
   preceding the edition of his manuscript pieces.
   It is all free!   Not sure that Ron would approve of that after reading
   last post but not belonging to the musical establishment or being part
   anyone's business model this is the only way I can make my efforts
   available - not to mention expose them to public scrutiny.
   Feel free to comment - but I am not likely to update this monumental
   any time soon.
   But a monumental vote of Thanks to Rob who has made it all possible.
   Regards to all




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