There appears to be no contemporaneous evidence of precisely how Diesel
    strung his guitar. From consideration of the music, voice leading,
    period of composition etc, I believe Diesel used a mandora like
    stringing -  ie octaves on the fourth and fifths but with the low bass
    on the thumb side (ie not as earlier forms of 5 course guitar where the
    lowest string of the fourth (and sometimes fifth) course is the upper
    Some further justification for this arrangement of basses is given by a
    slightly earlier MS CZ -Brn MsD189 (c. 1730)  which gives the tuning
    for the Callezono (gallichon aka mandora) and contains music for viola
    da gamba (I think) in staff notation and later (f.48) a page headed
    'Fundamenta Chytarra' and on its reverse a tuning table headed '
    Accordo Chytarra et Mandora'. Much of the music is for 5 course with
    just the occasional sixth course tuned just a tone lower than the fifth
    (ie as also used by Scheidler for his guitar sonatas at the end of the
    century and for much mandora music)

Thanks Martyn.

That's what I thought. I like to set up my guitar like this every so often. It sound very different!


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    >    The Royal Library of Copenhagen has made available finally this
    >    known repertoire:
    >    [2]En Samling Tabulaturer for Guitar, mest af Nathanael ...
    >    En Samling Tabulaturer for Guitar, mest af Nathanael Diesel (GKS
    >    folio)
    >    Let us hope that Diesel will be more appreciated and performed now
    >    Eduard V. Agullà ³
    Lots of music! (But not guitar music in 5 and 6).
    What is the most likely stringing arrangement for this guitar music?
    Low A?
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