Reading the English language summary (in Lute News 117) of the early
   journals of the Sociedad de la Vihuela 'Hispanica Lyra',  I was
   again struck by the different right hand plucking techniques evidently
   reasonably common and widespread in sixteenth century Spain.
   Principally the use of two right hand digits (either the first and
   second fingers or the thumb and first finger) ie dos dedos; or the use
   of just the index finger to strike the string ie dedillo.
   Over the years I have, unsucessfully, tried to use a sort of free
   stroke dedillo  (similar the index finger strumming but just on one
   course) but find it very tricky to control the stroke especially on
   runs across different courses. I recently tried steadying the index
   with the thumb and this seems to work a lot better  - much increased
   control and accuracy. Indeed, the position is not dissimilar to holding
   a plectrum between the thumb and first finger - but without actually
   having a plectrum which place is taken by the index finger.
   I seem to recall that this technique of steadfying the index with the
   thumb when playing dedillo was mentioned in some other modern journal
   and would be grateful for a reference - or my memory may be playing me


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