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>    Hi Everyone,
>    Does anyone on the list recommend any particular brand of notation
>    software for our early guitar purposes? I'm transcribing the Fuenllana
>    guitar songs for myself (on 4-course) and a singer to perform in
>    September. So far I'm looking at Guitar
>    Pro: [1]​ because it
>    converts tab into standard notation and I'm not sure whether Sibelius
>    does that. I'd like my score to have both tablature and standard
>    notation.
>    What notation software brands have worked best for you?

Sorry for joining the discussion so late. I'd suggest you have a look at
MuseScore (, a free and open source notation software
that recently got some pretty nice support for early plucked instruments (so
make shure to download Version 2.1). It runs native on Linux, MacOS X and 
and can import GuitarPro files, as well as MusicXML (unfortunately the de facto
standard to exchange Music between different applications). It's figured bass 
makes it my first choice when it comes to editing early music and it's perfect 
teaching environments.
If you are into 16th century music, have a look at
as well as
Musescore has a feature called 'linked staff' which lets you link a tab staff 
with an ordinary staff.
Entering music in one will add the corresponding note/number/letter to the 
linked staff (kind of
scarry that it works both ways), but don't expect too much. If your tab is 
polyphonic you really want
to be able to create seperate voices (up to four per staff). Also, afaik there 
is no way to link to
a 'Piano Style' staff.
If you need help setting up a template document, send me a note.

HTH, Ralf Mattes

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