Thanks so much, Ralf. I tried your advice and the tablature is just the way I 
want it now. I'm sticking with this program because it's free and relatively 
easy; at least I've figured it out and I'm almost done transcribing the first 
song. I just ordered a numeric keypad for my laptop to make the tab entry 
faster. Your many details below are greatly appreciated. 

And many thanks to everyone else on this list. Some of these recommended 
programs are beautiful and I would like to explore them in the future.

Best wishes and happy transcribing to all,

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Silly me, I forgot to answer your question. To change the string tuning, go to 
the 'Staff Properties' dialog,
all the way at the bottom you'll find 'Number of strings' and next to that a 
button labled 'Edit string data'.
Once you click that you find a dialog where you can remove strings and change 
their pitch (admittedly not
the most intuitive dialog).
I pays off if you do this once and use that file as a template.

Cheers, RalfD

Am Montag, 24. Juli 2017 18:48 CEST, "Ralf Mattes" <> 

> Am Montag, 24. Juli 2017 16:49 CEST, "Nelson, Jocelyn" <> 
> schrieb:
> > Thanks so much for this, Ralf! I went ahead and downloaded it and have been 
> > trying it out. I like it so far.
> >
> > One question: Do the tablatures (I'm using the uke tab for my renaissance 
> > 4-course) have a feature to change the tuning? The uke tab is actually 
> > perfect, except it's upside down for Fuenllana's tablature.
> >
> This is why I'd rather use one of the lute tabs as a starting point (you need 
> to select 'Early music'  from the
> drop-down menu in the 'Instruments' dialog (Instruments >> Early music  >> 
> Plucked Strings).
> Then, after adding  a lute staff but still on that dialog, select 'Tab. 
> 6-str. Italian' from the drop down menu all the
> way on the right side (under 'Staff type).
> Next, in the score, right-click on the staff. From the popup menu, select 
> 'Staff Properties ...'. In that dialog you can
> change the number of staff lines (all the way at the top under Tablature 
> 'Lines'). Next, select 'Advanced Style Properties'
> (button under the staff line color box).  This will open another dialog where 
> you can customize the tab style.
> For Fuenllana you woud select: Fret marks - 'Upside down', the 'MuseScore Tab 
> Renaiss', 'On lines', 'Numbers'.
> On the 'Note Values' tab, select 'MuseScore Font Italian' . That should give 
> you a pretty good starting point.
> HTH, Ralf Mattes
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