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1. Add ability to turn off Garmin GPS after transfer.
2. Auto use of /dev/ttyUSB type device if available on Unix systems.
3. On GPS data acquire, only create a layer if it contains something.
4. Detect USB Garmin eTrex HCx Legend devices (and maybe others).

1 - Is only available via File->Acquire ->GPS method

2 - In first use of Acquire / Add GPS Layer potentially auto insert 
/dev/ttyUSB0 for the device to use
This means I don't have to select the device manually (on my Debian Unstable 
On the Acquire dialog only list /dev/ttyS[1-2] if they are actually there.
On an EeePC Ubuntu I still have to manually select 'usb:'

3 - Previously, if one selects the wrong device (and GPS Babel is available), 
GPS Babel runs but returns an empty set, but a layer is created nonetheless. 
Now the layer is only created it it contains any tracks or waypoints.

I seem to remember someone mentioning this flaw, but I can't remember where 
(nor can I find it) [either on this mailing list or on the sourceforge tracker]

4 - List my GPS device via GPSBabels debug output from the 'Unit: XYZ' line 


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