> [request to allow zooming to 1/64, ratehr than 1/8]
   > > I'll put this in, but there is on particular thing to consider for the
   > > future:
   > >
   > > Should the map download requests be limited to some zoom range (and
   > > indeed specific lat/lon ranges [Potlatch2 has this facility) - most
   > > maps don't support OSM/Google Zoom Level 20 - yet we allow zooming to
   > > that at the moment - (0.125 pixelfact)
   > I agree completely, but I think what requests to make of a particular
   > source needs to be configured per source (or we could figure out that it
   > doesn't work at zN and stop, sort of like Path MTU Discovery :-).  Also,
   > we could enlarge the last level we have, instead of blank.
   >     Greg Troxel <g...@ir.bbn.com>

That's what I meant: a per map configuration.
Which would ATM just be an extension of the current maps (maps.xml) 

There is an auto map configuration definition:


I suspect that's one would want to cache the results.
But that's work for the future...
ATM I don't know anyone using it apart from mapbox.

Luckily I working on the 'enlarge the last level' - there are currently some 
bugs / limitations on it working ATM.
I should have it fixed over the weekend.
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