Title: creativity and the well
Hi everyone,
just wanted to say thank you Susan for appreciating the dialogue between pam and me, ... I just felt embarassed about it all, but I had fun. - but yes, silence doesnt have to be interpreted in only one way, that's what I learned now, thank you.

I think it is great to have a monthly topic and at the same time the possibility to post anything, I think it is so nice to be more open and see what happens, how it will work out, as a creative experiment. - Thank you Julie for creating the well and offering this openness.

much love

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Betreff: Re: creativity & The Well
Datum: Sam, 15. Feb 2003 1:51 Uhr

Dear everyone
A quick postcript to my last email
Just wanted to say that i'm thinking about the recent creativity topic and how delighted i was to be able to read the interaction between Pam and Andrea and being content as a silent participant and loving having the emails land in my postbox - having a giggle, smiling and reflective all reactions emerging from the postings.
so thinking about all the ways in which participation happens, including silent participation, and regretting that i didn't send in a posting saying something like - go for it Pam and Andrea - this is wonderful - i love having this space enabling two creative people to spark off each other.... what joy
it is a teaching

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