In a sense, it's like the placebo effect?

which makes me think this question is perhaps most documented in mind-body


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Hi Franc,

that reminds me of a study done by a center for family therapy: they found
out that in many families there were remarcable changes between the first
phone call (asking for a family therapy interview) and the 1st interview and
in many families (that never came for the 1st interview, but were called up
for the study, the changes happenned as well after that 1st phone call
without any therapeutic intervention.
so i gues sharing or expressing an intention to change something starts
moving things / changing awareness and behaviour.

warm regards, ivan

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Hi. something which happened recently... a student came to see me because
she felt that I was someone she could talk with about the problems she was
having with other tutors. We had quite a long conversation and I said that I
would inform the other tutors of what she needed.

Then I went to a meeting and forgot to raise it. A couple of days later I
saw her and asked how things were - she said that they were much better and
that people were treating her differently. I told her that I'd forgotten to
raise the issue at the meeting and we chatted about how sometimes things
happen in that way.

I guess that there are all kinds of subtle things going soon as the
student returned to class she might have behaved slightly differently, or
just read the tutor's behaviour slightly differently, or the tutor's
behaviour was different because it was a different day and the student was
able to be fluid and recognise the difference...

I think these experiences are quite common, just infrequently documented in
a precise way!

for the pot.

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