On 4/23/06, Bram Moolenaar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yakov Lerner wrote:
> > Here is another try, less instrusive.
> > We make 'received_from_client' serve both cases, the clientserver and
> > the pushkeys() case, only with appropriate change in ifdefs.
> > Logic of input_available() is not intruded upon now, except for ifdefs.
> OK, it seems this version is harmless so long as you don't use the
> function, and probably works OK otherwise.
> Is pushkeys() really a good name?  Something with "typeahead" would be
> better, but probably too long.

Pushkeys() is rather effective, I thought.  sendkeys() is of course
another alternative, although send isn't as good as push I think. 
Push seems to be a common description of the action we're discussing,
both used in mutt, Zsh, and screen to describe the action.  How about
pushinput()?  Perhaps doesn't fit well together with input(), though.


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