Georg Dahn wrote:

> Simetimes <C-R> in Insert mode is very useful. I use it to
> format articles automatically. I set 'noai' and 'tw=78'. But
> for texts with many lines this fails. I use the file
> vimtips.txt I downloaded from
> 1. Open vimtips.txt
> 2. Do :set noai
> 3. Do :set tw=78
> 4. Cut the whole file to a register, for example "
> 5. In Insert mode do <C-R>"
> Then it stops somewhere near line 3500 (vimtips.txt has over
> 40000 lines at the moment). Just pasting it with 'p' works,
> this I suppose that the whole file is in the register.

Where do you find this vimtips.txt with 40000 lines?  I only found one
with 3543 lines.

I tried another file but it worked fine.  Perhaps you run out of memory?
Also note that text gets formatted if you put it like this.  If you have
'autoformat' set the number of lines will change.

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