Mohsin wrote:
I want to use a highlighter mode on my text file, example:

:color_region  bold line1 col1  line2 col2
:color_region  bold 5 5 6 6
:color_region underline  5 5 6 6

I couldn't do this in vim.  Vim only has syntax coloring with regexps.
Emacs has functions to apply properties to text blocks, and I was hoping
vim has something comparable.

From :help /ordinary-atom

Overview of ordinary atoms.                */ordinary-atom*
More explanation and examples below, follow the links.
|/\%l|    \%23l    \%23l    in line 23 |/zero-width|
|/\%c|    \%23c    \%23c    in column 23 |/zero-width|
|/\%v|    \%23v    \%23v    in virtual column 23 |/zero-width|

Maybe this regexp atoms could be used to simulate text blocks from emacs?

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