Yasuhiro Matsumoto wrote:

> > It's just a matter of time before someone complains about the reloading
> > or finds a good reason to avoid it.  E.g. where autocommands are
> > involved.
> >
> > Although modelines can also appear near the end of the file, they are
> > mostly at the start.  Requiring 'fenc' to be set in one of the first
> > lines doesn't sound unreasonable to me.
> >
> > It is still sort of an exception to handle 'fenc' in a modeline this way.
> > But it's probably worth it.  As Tony mentioned.  Doing this in Vim 7.1
> > would be a good idea.
> See from a different (may be user's) viewpoint this, it looks like you
> said that modeline should be separated in two sub modes: ex.
> lead_modeline and trail_modeline.  And operations allowed in those two
> modelines are little different.
> Is this my understanding right?

It's a compromise.  Handling of 'fileencoding' in a modeline will be
different anyway.  Other options don't change the way a file is loaded.

Another solution would be to also check the modelines at the end of the
file, then the whole file needs to be reloaded.  While finding a 'fenc'
setting near the start of the file reloads only a small part of the file.

This could be handled like finding an illegal byte in a file.  Then it
can be reloaded with a different encoding too. 

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