Bram Moolenaar wrote:
Mark Manning wrote:

I saw in the c.vim that there was an error statement for octal numbers. There isn't one for hex numbers so I made one really quickly. If you want, just put it into the c.vim file. :-)

The test:

syn region    cHexError    start="0x\x*[g-zG-Z]" end="\W"

The highlight command:

    hi link   cHexError   cError

Of course, this needs to be approved by Bram first though.  :-)

I don't know what the rules are in all kinds of C, but at least things
like 0x0L, 0x0u, 0x0UL are valid.

Using a match instead of region would be simpler.

If one takes KATE's c.xml as canonical, supported suffixes (but not necessarily on all build configurations) are all combinations of 'U', 'L' and 'L', with no mention of 'u'. That makes: ULL, LUL, LLU, LL, UL, LU, L and U. As a regexp, 'U?L?L?|L?(UL|LU)'.

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