> 1. The second title above is misleading. Bram uses "(after patch nnn)" 
> when a patch _depends_ on another, i.e., requires patch nnn to have been 
> applied previously, usually because the later patch fixes a bug 
> introduced by the earlier one. For instance, official patch 7.0.057 is 
> labeled "(extra; after 7.0.45)"; both are about compilation trouble with 
> various W32 compilers.

Sorry, what I meant is that the diff was made after applying all patches up to
101.  I'm not sure my patch would work without those patches added first, and
I'm not sure it will still work after the next 100 patches from Bram.

> Sorry if I sound griping, but it's easier for everyone if patches follow 
> uniform conventions. (Here I'm intentionally calling your email "one" 
> patch: look at Bram's patches in ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/patches/7.0/ 
> , they are the raw text of his emails, with sig and all. Each of them 
> patches at least two files and sometimes half a dozen or so.)

I was a little unsure exactly how to go about things, I'll try to be more
consistent if I make another patch.

Thanks for your time,

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