I've scanned the vim-dev archives looking for any suggestions for and/or attempts at creating a means of calling dual-interface COM objects from within the Win32 version of Vim, and come up empty.

IMHO, this would be a useful feature for extending Vim script to do some very powerful things. For instance, advanced code completion could be plugged into Omni.

I apologise if a thread covering this issue has already been raised (with a satisfactory conclusion)---if so, could someone direct me to it?

I am aware of "libcall", but it's somewhat limited and I stopped considering writing a "Published DLL function to COM" marshaller (already a contrived hack) after becoming aware that directly after the call Vim unloads the DLL.


1. Have I completely missed the boat, and *there is* already something that does this? 2. If "No" to 1), is there any particular reason why this would not be worth the effort?



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