A.J.Mechelynck wrote:

Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:

OK, with all that:

vim -U NONE -c "set nocp|so $HOME/.vim/plugin/netrwPlugin.vim" -c "so scp://HOSTNAME/.vimrc"

Rather than "-U NONE" (i.e., no gvimrc) shouldn't that be -u NORC (i.e., with small u: don't source $HOME/.vimrc but do source the global plugins)? I suggest the amended command-line below (with --cmd for early sourcing):

vim -u NORC -N --cmd "runtime plugin/netrwPlugin.vim" --cmd "source scp://HOSTNAME/.vimrc"

Sounds better!

I'll put a note to that effect in pi_netrw.txt.

Chip Campbell

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