vim-mac stripped the attachment again. I hope it comes through on this list.

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Von: Nicolas Weber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Datum: 11. Februar 2007 21:13:53 MEZ
An: vim mac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Betreff: mac gui tabline v5

Hi everyone,

Michael Wookey suggested that the size of the gui tabline drawer should be changable. I agree and added this to the patch. It's the only change (except that this patch is for the current svn version). With this patch you can drag the edge of the drawer to change its size.

If you make the drawer to small, it'll disappear (like in all apps where you can resize the drawer). To bring it back, open a tab (or close a tab) or call :set showtabline=1 or :set showtabline=2. If you want it hidden, call :set showtabline=0, just as before.

Apply in vim's root directory.

If you like this patch and want it included in Vim, then speak up! Tell Bram (preferably via this list) that you like this patch and that it works for you. Likewise, if you don't like it, speak up as well :-P


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