On 4/15/07, Suresh Govindachar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

  > to do what Textmate can do with respect to projects right when
  > it is installed: a project drawer, project tabs, multiple open
  > projects, project-wide search and selective replace. And now I
  > see that VIM doesn't need more features...
  > http://www.vim.org/soc/ideas.php

  The preceding shows you have trouble reading -- that page has a
  link to a "voting page", which page lists certain core features
  that could be added to vim.  If your investigation into plugins
  was as casual as your reading of the above link, then your efforts
  at finding and evaluating existing plugins in relation to your
  notion of a project are likely to have been botched!

"Vim has many, many features. We don't really need more"


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