Sent this direct to Bram by accident instead of to the dev list...

Hey All,

> Patch 7.1a.001

I managed to compile 7.1a from cvs yesterday.  I went and did a cvs up
to grab this patch and I am now getting this error:

gui_w32.c:236: error: redefinition of `struct tagNMTTDISPINFOA'
gui_w32.c:246: error: redefinition of `struct tagNMTTDISPINFOW'
mingw32-make: *** [gobj/gui_w32.o] Error 1

I'm guessing it's not a result of this patch, since this patch did not
affect gui_w32.c.  Perhaps there was something changed in CVS (I
notice the update grabbed a whole bunch of files)?


Chris Sutcliffe

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