I tried in xterm, konsole, and yakuake but got the same problem. I
guess the problem is with compilation options... When I used :set
esckeys arrow keys working properly but not backspace (in gvim also i
faced the same problem). Also the command completion is not working ..
i typed :he and pressed tab.. it didn't give me available commands

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Nageshwar M wrote:
> Hello,
> I compiled the vim 7.1 source for unix and installed it in my fedora
> core 4 pc. When I pressed arrows its printing A,B,C,D's(in insert
> mode) , backspace is not working and when I pressed delete
> continuously the gvim is closing down. Someone please help me.
> The information that vim is showing for :version is
> Normal version with GTK2 GUI.  Features included (+) or not (-):

This is usually due to a termcap problem. In which case(s) do you see the
problem (among the following)?

- in GUI mode (e.g. Alt-F2 then gvim)

- in console mode in a terminal displaying through X (and which one: xterm?
konsole? gnome-terminal? other[and which one]?)

- in the "pure text" linux console (hit Ctrl-Alt-Fn with n in the range
[1..6], log in if necessary, then invoke vim)

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