scott wrote:
a visit to yast, software management, searched for ncftp and it brought ncftp right to the fore, installed it for me, and i've been happily learning features since -- imagine commandline recall that works in ftp! bookmarks!
And I just figured out that it comes with an utility called ncftpget:
   ncftpget . '/pub/editors/vim/patches/7.1/7.1.*'
fetches all patches to the local directory in one go.

And it does it in a smart way, see the second try:
   ncftpget . '/pub/editors/vim/patches/7.1/7.1.*'
   ncftpget /pub/editors/vim/patches/7.1/7.1.*: local file appears
      to be the same as the remote file, download is not necessary.

Perfect for running from a build script. That is what I have been
looking for.

One more big plus: besides for almost all sorts of Un*x, ncftp is
available for Windows as well.


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