On 7/11/07, John Beckett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If a sysop reads this, please visit the following and
> use your magic delete powers.

I've deleted those 2 pages and the redirect.

> However, the "Very interesting information" is just a "hello"
> message and should be deleted ASAP.
> The good news is that it isn't spam ... although I wonder if
> someone might be weird enough to see what happens to a junk
> post before going to the trouble of uploading a bunch of spam.

It actually is spam.  We had the same message on a lot of different
wikis. My theory is that this is a blog or forum spam bot. On a blog,
it would leave that as a comment, along with a URL. On a wiki, there's
no URL field, so it leaves the pointless comment but no URL. It's
easier to deal with if they do use a URL since we have spam blacklist,
captchas for spam, and other tools to combat that, but if they only
leave a comment, we can only block it by blocking a certain portion of
the text they leave which often changes too often to be worth blocking
or is too generic to block.

If you search for the text they left, you'll find lots of examples of
the same text spammed on forums and blogs.



Angela Beesley
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