I'm thinking of some changes to template {{Tip}}:
- Do not show the page title.
- Delete the '|title=' argument.
- Remove the 'hh:mm' time from the '|created=' argument.
- Delete the '|text=' argument.

Take http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/VimTip960 as an example. The tip starts with
two similar headings:

    Copy an Entire Buffer to the Clipboard
    Tip: #960 - Copy an Entire Buffer to the Clipboard

This gives two problems. First, it looks silly. Second, when there are
several headings, the wiki automatically inserts a TOC (Table of Contents).
The 'Tip: #960...' line would be the first entry in the TOC. See
http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/VimTip31 for an example.

Template {{Tip}} includes '|title=...'. Presumably Bastl wanted to preserve
the old title in case it was needed. However, he also found that the
template could use:

    ==Tip: {{PAGENAME}}==

rather than '==Tip: {{{title}}}=='. The advantage of using {{PAGENAME}} is
that the title stays correct when the page is renamed. But that makes the
title argument redundant - I don't think we have a need for it. I have been
correcting '|title=...' lines when I've noticed that the title is not
correct (often simply by making the first character uppercase - my download
script notices when the titles don't match). But we have sufficient
experience now to decide whether we need the title argument at all. I think
we don't, and it should be progressively deleted.

As far as repeating the display of the title, I would like to try this idea
for changing {{Tip}}:
- Delete the '==Tip: {{PAGENAME}}==' line.
- Change {{TipNavigation}} so it shows 'Tip 960' in bold (not 'Tip #960'),
followed by the previous/next tip navigation. That would be on one line, and
more compact than the current arrangement.

Advantage: The top of the tip would be more compact, and the title would not
be displayed twice, and there would not be an extra heading that causes the
TOC to appear prematurely, and when the TOC is displayed, there would not be
a pointless first entry in the TOC.

In tip 960, we see:
    Created: July 20, 2005 7:08

It's trivial, but I've been deleting the time from these entries, when I've
done some other editing (see http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/VimTip1033 for an

I asked before about the {{{text}}} argument. As discussed, there are
certain characters in 'text' that cause problems when used as an argument
(particularly '|', but I suspect that multiple braces could also give

The advantage to having {{{text}}} is that we could change our mind about
where to display the information line (Created/Author etc). By changing
{{Tip}}, we could make the information line appear after the tip text (just
before ==Comment==).

However, I think we have sufficient experience to make a decision. If we put
info somewhere else, it would probably have to be in a box, but I will never
want a box. I'm quite happy with the info line where it is. At the top of
the tip, it is easy to skip over the introductory material consisting of the
title, navigation and information.

So, how about making a decision. I propose keeping the info line as it is
now, and progressively removing the {{{text}}} argument. Then, we wouldn't
have to worry that future editing of a tip would introduce a '|' that would
break the tip.

To achieve the above, I'm thinking of creating a {{Tip2}} template that
incorporates these ideas, and trying it on a few tips for a couple of weeks.
If accepted, I would then come up with some plan for migrating to the new


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